*Ruby A. Reynolds

*Mildred C. Thompson

*Eleanor H. Moore

*Nancy H. Milne

Lana M. Bailey

*Adele W. Crosett

Sandra B. Anderson

Linda D. Lind

Patricia P. Boots

*Margaret E. Hunt

Cynthia H. Elmore

Susan P. Tury

J. Zuill Bailey

Wendell Anderson

Charity Gutierrez

*Agnes Downie

Marcia Chaplin

To honor the memory of Rose Fay Thomas, the founder of the National Federation of Music Clubs.

Any individual who contributes, or in whose honor or memory is contributed, $1,000 to the Rose Fay Thomas Fund will be known as a Rose Fay Thomas Fellow.  All monies contributed to Rose Fay Thomas Fellows are placed in the NFMC Endowment Fund.

Rose Fay Thomas Fellows Applications may be found on the NFMC web site under the Finance Division.