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NFMC Competitions & Awards

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The NFMC Competitions & Awards are those promoted by the VFMC but sponsored by the National Federation of Music Clubs. Listings are arranged by age classifications as follows:  Junior (under age 19), Student/Collegiate (ages 19-25), and Senior (age 19 and above).  Each names a VFMC Chair who promotes the award and can further assist when needed.  

Competitions are open to NFMC members including all members of the VFMC Senior Clubs across the state. Additional information and forms are available on the NFMC website.  (To navigate from the home page, select Competitions and Awards, followed by the appropriate category in the drop-down menu.  Scroll down to find the competition in which you are interested.  Forms download for free; no user name or password is required.)

2019 - 2020 NFMC Competitions & Awards Chart - suitable for printing and saving.  Refer to the NFMC website under Competitions & Awards


Dance –
Pedro Szalay
judy barger edgell, assistant chair

NFMC Dance Award (Jazz, Lyrical or Tap)

NFMC Thelma A. Robinson Ballet Award


Junior Composition –
Nathalie Steinbach

NFMC Oscar Valentin Regional Awards

NFMC Lynn Freeman Olson Composition Awards

NFMC Junior Composer Contest


Music for the Disabled and Visually Impaired –
Cynthia Steinbach

NFMC Joyce Walsh Junior Awards for the Handicapped

NFMC Music for the Blind Composition Award

NFMC Music for the Blind Performance Awards

NFMC Benzinger/Valentin Music for the Blind Performance Award


National Music Week Essay Contest –
Judy Caudill


Vocal (Opera for the Youth) 
Jean Frazier

NFMC Martha Marcks Mack Junior Vocal Award


Performance Awards: Piano & Instrumental -
Nathalie Steinbach, NFMC Chair

NFMC Stillman Kelley/Thelma Byrum Awards


Performance Awards: Piano Solo/Concerto –

NFMC Lana M. Bailey Piano Concerto Award

NFMC Marilyn Caldwell Piano Award

NFMC Claire Ulrich Whitehurst Piano Award


Performance Awards: Strings –

NFMC Mary Alice Cox Award

NFMC Wendell Irish Viola Award


Poetry –
Linda Thomason

NFMC Angie Greer Music in Poetry Award


Composition –
Nathalie Steinbach

NFMC Lynn Freeman Olson Composition Award (Keyboard)

NFMC Student/Collegiate Composition Awards


Disabled & Visually Impaired –
Cynthia Steinbach

NFMC Hinda Honigman Award for the Blind (age 16-25)


Instrumental and Vocal Performance –
Dr. Liana Valente

NFMC Carolyn Nelson Double Reed Award

NFMC Ernest A Bluhm Flute Award

NFMC Elizabeth Paris French Horn Award

NFMC Oscar Valentin Award (Violin)

NFMC Herman and Mary Neumnan Scholarship (Voice/Strings)

NFMC Student/Collegiate Auditions (Biennial) (All Instruments & Voice)


Music Education –
Dr. Liana Valente

NFMC Gretchen Van Roy Music Educators Award

NFMC Myrtle Mehan/Hazel Morgan Music Education Scholarship


Music Therapy –
Dr. Liana Valente

NFMC Irma Carey-Wilson Music Therapy Scholarship

NFMC Dorothy Dann Bullock Music Therapy Scholarship

NFMC Ruth B. Robertson Music Therapy Scholarship


Pedagogy –
Dr. Liana Valente

NFMC Lynn Freeman Olson Award in Piano Pedagogy


Sacred Music –
Brenda Hayth

NFMC Elizabeth Greiger Wiegand Sacred Music Award (Choral Conducting, Piano, Organ, and Voice)


Vocal Accompanying –
Marilynne Jost

NFMC Virginia Allison Collaborative Award (Ages 20-31)


Composition –
Nathalie Steinbach

NFMC Emil-Ruth Beyer Composition Awards

NFMC Glad Robinson Youse Adult Composers Award


Conducting –
Marilynne Jost

NFMC Thelma A. Robinson Conducting Award


Disabled & Visually Impaired –
Cynthia Steinbach

NFMC Hinda Honigman Award for the Blind

NFMC Vivian Menees Nelson Award for the Disabled and Visually Impaired


Duo Pianist Performance –
Marilynne Jost

NFMC Ellis Competition for Duo Pianists

NFMC American Music Award (Best Duo Team)


Handbell Choir –
Brenda Hayth

NFMC Ruth Morse Wilson Handbell Choir Award


Piano Teacher Professional Development –
Linda Thomason

NFMC Dr. Ouida Keck Award


Veterans –
Dr. Zuill Bailey

NFMC Anne Gannett Award for Veterans

NFMC Lucille Parrish Ward Veterans Award

NFMC American Music in Armed Forces Composition


Vocal Accompanying –
Marilynne Jost

NFMC Virginia Allison Collaborative Award (Ages 20-31)


Vocal (Opera) –
Jean Frazier

NFMC Alpha Corinne Mayfield Opera Award

NFMC Martha Marcks Mack Senior Vocal Award


Young Artist Competition (NFMC) –
Marilynne Jost

(Piano, Strings, Man's Voice, Woman's Voice)