2018 Report Due Dates – VFMC Chairs

Each year, Senior Club Presidents are asked to submit reports about their clubs so that we can track what kinds of activities and events go on throughout the State of Virginia.  Please submit all reports relevant to your particular club and any required documentation to the appropriate VFMC Chairs by the due dates below.  All report forms can be found on the NFMC website (click division desired/scroll down to form #/click download PDF/print).

Click here to download the 2017 - 2018 VFMC Chart of all due dates for reports; suitable for printing and saving:
2017 - 2018 VFMC Chart of Report Due Dates

30 Jan 2018

Parade of American Music Award/NFMC Award (AM 1-1 / AM 2-1) – Mary Kay Plath

15 Mar 2018

Founders Day Report (FI 3-2) – Cynthia Elmore

1 Apr 2018

Chamber Music Report (AR 2-1) - Tina Anderson

Choral Music Report (AR 8-1) – Cynthia Abernathy

Crusade for Strings Report (AR 3-1) – Tina Anderson

Dance Report/Dance Awards (JR 17-4) – Pedro Szalay

International Music Relations Report (AR 5-1) – Dr. Elaine Brady

Music in Poetry Report (AR 6-1) – Linda Thomason

Music in Schools and Colleges Report (AR 7-1) – Dr. Liana Valente

Music Outreach Club Report (AR 10-1) – Judy Liles

Opera Report (AR 14-1) – Jean Frazier

Sacred Music Report (AR 11-1) – Brenda Hayth

Together We Sing Report (AR 9-1) – Brenda Hayth

15 Apr 2018

American Just Jazz! Report (AM 8-1) – Dr. Cheryl Brown Davis

American Women Composers Programs Awards (AM 6) – Linda Thomason

Arts Advocacy Report (AD 2-1) – Paul Brady

30 Apr 2018

Folk Music Report (AM 7-2) – Ellen Schaack

1 May 2018

Internet Report (PR 4-1) – Samantha Luck

Newspaper Report (PR 3-1) – Valerie Harris

Past Presidents Assembly (PPA) Report (FI 9-3) – Jean Frazier

Radio/Television Report (PR 3-1) – Valerie Harris

1 Jun 2018

National Music Week Report (AR 12-1) – Judy Caudill

Senior Club Annual Summary Report - Music Appreciation (ME 7-1) or
Music Teaching (ME 7-2) – Nancy Turner
(Submit a copy of this report to the VFMC President (Dr. Elaine Brady) as well as the VFMC Chair (Nancy Turner))