President's VFMC Newsletter

Dear Fellow VFMC Members,

The Holidays are long gone and here we are in the midst of winter.  I am looking forward to spring and warmer weather, hopefully sooner than later, and am sure you are too.  I have been busy this past winter with lots of VFMC business and want to pass on some information and reminders to you:

VFMC Directory.  I have attached an updated directory for your use.  (See separate email to members.) Please print a copy of it and replace the old one in your folder.  I am hoping that you keep it close by so you have easy access to other VFMC members.  If you do not have a VFMC folder please let me know and I will see that you get one.

VFMC Website.  The site is up and running right now as of today.  The address is  I invite you to check out the new website and see what it has to offer.  You do not need a user name or password.

  • The first page is called a “splash page” from which you will click on the line entitled “Music Appreciation Starts Here”. It will take you to the “home” page.

  • Notice the reminder area as well as the contact us at the bottom where you can click to send a message.

  • From there you can click on the “hamburger” figure in the top right hand corner (It is 3 small white parallel horizontal lines from which you can imagine a hamburger.) A complete side menu will appear. (Any of the words with a + preceeding the word has subpages.

  • Try clicking on each page to see what information is there. Anything that is colored green can be clicked on and will take you somewhere else. These “green” words include the following:

    • If you click on an organization it will bring you to its website.

    • If you click on a club name it will take you to its website. (Some clubs don’t have websites yet so its letters are black.)

    • If you click on a name it will bring up a blank email for you to write an email to the person whose name you clicked on.

    • If you click on the dates on the Events page it will take you to that event’s sub page for more information.

    • If you click on the name of a VFMC Competition or Award it will take you to its sub page where you can find more information, forms, and instruction sheets.

    • If you click on green form numbers they will bring up the appropriate form or instruction sheet.

  • Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the website. Don’t be afraid to click on things and see what they do. You can always use the back arrow to get out of it or the “hamburger” to go to a new page.

  • I am looking for suggestions, if we’ve forgotten anything, or gotten any information wrong.

  • Those of you who have information you want to go up on the website should contact me for now.

2018 Convention.  I hope you have all marked your calendars and are planning to attend the spring convention to be held April 26-28 in Roanoke, VA.  I have attached a brief message from Judy Barger Edgell and the Thursday Morning Music Club, who will be hosting the convention.  Keep your eye out for the Official Call (Invitation) which will be coming out within the next few weeks.

Reports.  I would like all active VFMC members (Senior Club Presidents, Chairs, Officers - anyone with a contributing role in this organization)  to bring reports to the convention.   If you aren’t planning to be there, please see that I get a copy in advance.  Even better yet, send someone from your club to represent you.

Proposals and Issues for Convention.  I will be sending out a form for you in the next few weeks on which I ask that you complete and submit by the due date requested if you have any proposals or issues that you would like addressed at the convention. That way we will have plenty of time to make our meeting agendas so that our meetings will run smoothly and we will use our time efficiently.  Please be sure your proposals are complete and ready to go (no handwritten notes!).  Note the due date on the form.  Any proposals or issues that come in after that may have to wait until the fall board meeting to be addressed.

Club Reports.

  • Senior Club Presidents, please refer to the Due Date Calendar included in your folder and get started on any reports you plan to submit about your club’s activities.

  • Senior Club Presidents, please make special note about completing the Senior Club Annual Summary Report for the 2017-18 Club Year Activities and Events. I am especially interested in finding out what your club has been doing this past year. I will be using this report to prepare my report about the VFMC for the National Convention (NFMC) that takes place in Milwaukee (June 19- 23). That report is due on or before June 1, and I will need time to prepare my report adequately.

  • VFMC Chairs, when you have received the club reports for your area and have compiled them to make your report please send me a copy. Please include any discussion about certificates as well.

  • Be sure to make copies of all reports for your records. You will want to draw from this information to write your convention reports.

NFMC Website.  You do not need a user name or password for the NFMC website.  When you have located the report form you want simply click on “Download PDF” and the form will appear ready to print.  All forms are free to download.  Please ignore the column about cost.

A suggestion from the President:  Take a few minutes every day or a few times a week to go to the VFMC website.  It is a tremendous asset, filled with information, and easy to navigate.  Familiarize yourself with it and get in the habit of visiting it regularly so that it will become your "go to place” for information about the VFMC.

I want to thank each and every one of you that have helped out this past year in some way or other.  I look forward to seeing you all at the spring convention.  I want to thank District I and especially the Thursday Morning Music Club for all the hard work they are doing in preparing for this event.


Elaine Brady
Doctor of Musical Arts
Virginia Federation of Music Clubs