VFMC Convention 2018

This organization needs you to make this event successful. 

Senior Club Presidents:  Remember to bring your senior club displays.  This year we are going to vote on the displays.  They should reflect what your club does and how you do it.  We had a terrific turnout last year.  Some brought scrapbooks, some brought photos, some made board displays with photos and descriptions.  We feel this is a terrific addition to the convention and would like to continue it in the future. You might want to solicit the help of some of your club members and get them involved in the convention, too.   Your participation will help make this venture successful.  We would also like to have the senior club reports available at each display.  (The report simply describes what your club did and how you did it this past year - student and member events, recitals, programs, competitions, money making ventures - anything at all.)  This is a good way to share ideas with other clubs.  Please bring your reports, so that we can make copies to set at your display to share with other club presidents.

The National Federation of Music Clubs is a wonderful organization.  We have all chosen to become members because we realize the tremendous impact music has on people and on our American society.  We realize how important music is in helping our youth develop to their fullest potential.  We have all joined this organization to advance our own love of music - and especially to instill a deep appreciation for music in our students.  Please support this endeavor and keep the organization alive and strong by participating in the 2018 Virginia Federation of Music Clubs Convention.  

Thank you.


Elaine Brady
Doctor of Musical Arts
Virginia Federation of Music Clubs