2018 VFMC Certificate Request

Dear VFMC Chairs,

I am hoping that you have communicated with the Senior Club Presidents this year - given them information about activities associated with your VFMC Chairmanship and encouraged them to submit their reports to you. If you would like to send any reminders out, I would be glad to email them for you, if you send me the email message and a request to send out to them.

Part of your responsibility as a VFMC Chair is to take in the reports the Senior Club Presidents send you, evaluate them, and award certificates for the clubs' participation in your area of chairmanship. I have attached a "Request for Certificates" form for you to complete for the awards. You may select ONE club for Award of Outstanding Merit and up to 5 clubs for Awards of Merit. These forms are due to Elin Havrilla by April 20. She will be unavailable after the 23rd of April and will not be able to attend the convention this year. Her job is to make all the certificates and she must have them completed before she leaves on the 23rd. Please submit the forms to her as soon as possible.


Elaine Brady