VFMC Club Presidents

April 2018

Dear Club Presidents:

I look forward to hearing your reports at the Annual Convention about your club activities during the past year. It's always interesting to hear about the variety of activities the clubs are involved in. All Sr Clubs provide a wealth of opportunities for musical experiences in their community. These include performance opportunities for students, student scholarships competitions, group musical activities, member performances, guest artists concerts, master classes, and a variety of other activities, all which meet the goals of the National Federation of Music Clubs – to promote American music and musicians. I have set aside time for all of you to share your club activities with each other at the convention.

While preparing your report for the convention, in addition to talking about your club activities, I would like you to include two things: First, share the one thing that your club does that you feel comes closest in achieving your goals and one thing that your club has tried at some point with good intent but that failed to achieve the objective you had in mind. These could be anything from fundraising to educational activities to things that are just fun. The intent here is the exchange of ideas. Although some ideas won't work for every club or community, I believe we can adjust or modify good ideas to fit the needs of our clubs. I am hoping this will open a line of discussion that will help all of us in some way.

The second thing I want you to do is to take a few minutes to complete the attached form. It is simple and will provide some objective data about what your club is and what it has accomplished over the past year. I'm not looking for you to speak specifically about any of these areas in your verbal report at the convention. I plan to use the data you provide to put together my report for the National Convention in Milwaukee and show all the great things that our clubs are doing to advance music and the arts in the State of Virginia. These items are broad categories for the most part, so I ask that you fit your activities into the most appropriate areas and try to be as specific as possible in terms of numbers and cost.

Please complete the form and attach it to your report that you bring to the convention. If you are unable to attend, please send your report to me directly. I appreciate all you do in your local clubs and all you do to ensure the success of the Virginia Federation of Music Clubs in meeting the goals of the National Federation of Music Clubs.

Dr. Elaine Brady President, Virginia Federation of Music Clubs

P.S. I meant to also remind you to fill out the Senior Club Annual Summary form ME 7-1 or ME 7-2 as well. That is the end of the year summary that goes to Senior Club Reporting Chair, Nancy Turner. The above forms replaced the old ones. You can find all these forms on the NFMC site - at home page click on publications, then Membership and scroll down and then click on download pdf and the forms come up. Choose the most relevant form for your club. Please attach a copy of it to your convention report and the 2018 Senior Club Activity Form and give it to me at the convention or mail it to me. I've attached the ME 7-1 and 7-2 below for your use.


Sr Club Activity Form 2018

Senior Music Appreciation Club Annual Summary Form ME-7-1

Senior Music Teaching Club Annual Summary Form ME-7-2