Voice of Music News (Newsletter)

RE:  VFMC 2018-2019

Dear VFMC Members,

At this special time of year, I find myself thinking back and reflecting on the past.  Thinking about the VFMC/NFMC, I realize once again that we are all a part of this organization because we love music.  We understand the tremendous power of music and want to ensure that it will continue into the future.  I appreciate all that you do for your club, for the VFMC, and for the NFMC. Together we will continue the successes of the past in bringing American music and musicians to communities across the state of Virginia.  I encourage you to spread the word about the NFMC and VFMC to your club members and your communities about the many musical opportunities available for music lovers of all ages (festivals, contests and competitions of all sorts).  Additionally, I hope you will become even more involved at the state and national levels in order to keep this organization and all of its programs running smoothly into the future.

The second year of my presidency is going by very quickly, and I want to make sure I’ve passed on all documents to you for the 2018-2019 season.  Last year, I sent out folders to each VFMC member containing documents pertaining to your role/roles within the organization. To keep the contents of your folder current, I am sending you updated documents, each as an attachment to an email.  I ask that you use them as necessary and replace the outdated versions with the new.  Please continue to keep them in an easy-to-find place and update their contents.  If you do not have a folder for whatever reason please get one, print the documents I send you, and put them in your folder. 

These are the documents I will be sending you. 

  1. VFMC Member Directory with complete contact information

  2. VFMC Positions & Personnel 2018-19 (a comprehensive listing of Elected & Appointed Officers, District Directors and Senior Club Presidents, and Chairs of Departments, Committees, Festivals, and Competitions & Awards)

  3. VFMC Competitions & Awards Chart

  4. Senior Club Report Process Information (Senior Club Presidents & Reporting Chairs)

  5. Senior Club Report Chart (with due dates, reporting chairs, and their addresses)

  6. Certificate Request Form (for Reporting Chairs use)

 VFMC WEBSITE (www.vfmc-music.org):  The website has been updated.  If you haven’t done so yet, familiarize yourself with the new format and try to establish a habit of referring to it whenever you are looking for VFMC information.  It really is a fast, efficient way of sharing information and news.  As a matter of fact, check out the “News” page.  Several members have requested a page on the website where we can share information, so we have added a blog type section for State, District, and Club News to fill this request entitled “Voice of Music News”.  This section replaces the former VFMC “Voice of Music” newsletter.  We are looking for articles and photos about events and activities of your clubs so that we can see the great things you are doing in your communities.  Please submit all entries to our website editor, Sharon Hale (sharonhale2@gmail.com) anytime throughout the year. 

 Again, please keep all your paperwork together in your folder, ready to pass on to your replacement when you leave your present position.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and I wish you the happiest of New Years.



Elaine Brady
Doctor of Musical Arts
Virginia Federation of Music Clubs