President Letter

March 24, 2019


Dear Fellow VFMC Members,

 Spring is nearing and I look forward to warmer weather, hopefully sooner than later.  This has been another busy year for our Clubs, and I want to pass on some important information and reminders to you about upcoming VFMC matters:

 2019 VFMC Annual Convention.  I hope you have all marked your calendars and are planning to attend the spring convention to be held May 16-18 in South Hill, VA.  I have attached (to the email) a brief message from Nancy Turner and District III, who will be hosting the convention this year.  Watch for the Official Call (Invitation) which will come out at the beginning of April.

Convention Reports.  I would like all active VFMC members (anyone with a contributing role in the organization including Senior Club Presidents, Chairs, Officers) to bring reports to the convention.   If you aren’t planning to be there, please send me a copy in advance so that it can be shared with other members.  Even better yet, send someone from your club to represent you!

Senior Club Presidents - Summary of Yearly Responsibilities (duties).  As President of one of the Senior Clubs, I encourage you to spread the word about the NFMC and VFMC to your club members and to your community about the many musical opportunities available (festivals, contests and competitions of all sorts).  Additionally, I hope you will become even more involved at the state and national levels in order to keep this organization and all of its programs running smoothly into the future.

 In addition to creating a club yearbook and attending the spring convention and fall board meeting, I ask that you remember to submit the following items each year:

  • 2 Club Yearbooks for the President & Yearbook Chair, Pam Kelly - by November 1

  • 2 Club Officer Lists for President & Treasurer - bring to fall board meeting or mail in September

  • Senior Club Dues Statement to VFMC Treasurer, Lana Bailey - by October 15

  • Past Presidents Assembly (PPA) Report (with dues) to VFMC Chair, Jean Frazier - by April 1

  • Senior Club Reports (NFMC) applicable to your club activities - by April 1

  1. Complete information found on VFMC website/Member Info/Senior Club Reports

  2.  Senior Club Report Chart (attached to the email and found on the website in green letters at top or bottom of “Senior Club Reports” page where you click on it to link to it)

  3. Senior Club Summary (ME 7-1) to VFMC Chair, Nancy Turner - by May 1

  • Four (4) End-of-year Items – bring to convention or email to President - by May 15

                  1. Written convention report

                  2. Club display for VFMC Spring Convention (May 16-18, 2019 in South Hill, VA)

                  3. A copy of your Senior Club Summary (ME 7-1) (for the President)

                  4. Senior Club Activity Form (attached to the email).

Club News.  Thus far there have been no news items or photos put up on the VFMC website.  The “Voice of Music News” is open to all members and clubs in the VFMC.  I encourage you all to share news about your clubs and members anytime throughout the year.  Please submit articles and photos to Sharon Hale, VFMC webmaster, at

I want to thank each and every one of you who have helped out this past year in some way or other, and I look forward to seeing all of you at the spring convention.  I especially want to thank Nancy Turner and District III for the hard work they are doing in preparing for this event.



Elaine Brady
Doctor of Musical Arts
President, Virginia Federation of Music Clubs