President Letter

August 1, 2019

Dear Fellow VFMC Members,

I enjoyed seeing so many of you at the VFMC Convention in May, and I thank all of you who were able to attend and help make this event a success. Particular thanks goes out to Nancy Turner and all those from District III who worked so hard in preparation for this annual event. The programs and concerts were wonderful, the Senior Club Displays were tremendous, and the presentations of the Senior Club Presidents were captivating. I appreciate the hard work that went into creating them and can’t wait until next year to see all you’ve done throughout the new season. I think we accomplished all necessary business during the meetings, and I am looking forward to an equally productive fall board meeting.

Speaking of the Fall Board Meeting, I am looking forward to the opportunity to see all of you once more and to meet the new Senior Club Presidents and any other members I have not yet met. We still have one week left before the cutoff date for reservations at the hotel. Some of you had difficulty making your reservations (for the $99 negotiated room price) and were aided by the hotel representative, Anna Payne. If any of you have issues in this regard, please contact Anna directly for assistance. Her phone is 434-220-2123.

Thanks to all of you who have passed information to me that I have requested this past month. I am trying to update my records and the website, along with the documents I plan to send to you, so that everything is current. My goal in passing information to you can be summed up in three easy words: communicate information simply – “CIS”. This has become a two-way street and I am pleased by your timely responses.

See you all on the 23rd in Charlottesville!

Musically Yours,

Elaine Brady
Doctor of Musical Arts
President, Virginia Federation of Music Clubs