Liability Insurance Message

Liability Insurance for Senior Clubs & VA Festival

Optional Liability Insurance coverage is available to Senior Clubs and VA Festivals through NFMC for all Federation-sponsored events.  Each club or festival decides on their own Liability Insurance Coverage for the year, and this insurance is quite affordable.   The directions are simple for submitting requests for the insurance, and the deadline dates are clear.

Please note that, if for some reason your club does not have insurance coverage for an event, DO NOT indicate anywhere on the program or in the publicity that the event is AFFILIATED WITH THE NFMC or the VFMC.  This will prevent the possibility of lawsuits to the NFMC or VFMC for injuries that may occur at your uncovered event.

Cyndy Elmore, VFMC Insurance Chair
9514 Eredine Way
Bristow, VA 20136

Below are links for liability insurance information:

Liability Request Form
Child Protection Policy