Article VI - Duties of Officers & Board of Directors


A. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Virginia Federation of Music Clubs (VFMC), the Board of Directors, and the Executive Committee.

B. The President shall name all appointed officers, all committees and their chairs, except the Nominating Committee. The District Director of the District in which the next Convention is scheduled shall become the Convention Chair with whom the President shall select the convention site.

C. The President shall fill vacancies; shall supervise plans for extending, unifying and rendering efficient the work of the Federation; shall sign such leases and contracts as have been approved by the Board of Directors; shall be a member ex-officio of all committees except the Nominating Committee; shall make complete written reports at conventions; shall enforce these Bylaws and parliamentary law, and in even numbered years, in compliance with NFMC’s due date, send names of the elected Virginia representative, the elected nominee-at- large, together with statements of qualifications and assurance of willingness to serve, to the Chair of the National Federation’s Nominating Committee.

D. The Incoming State President, with previous consultation with the outgoing State President, shall be eligible to vote for NFMC Officers at the NFMC Convention.

E. The Incoming State President shall meet with the retiring NFMC Board for the first Board meeting of the Convention when the NFMC Nominating Committee for Officers will present their slate of nominees. Following this, a Board member or the current State President may only make floor nominations for elective officers. Following this, the State President will be excused.

F. At the NFMC Convention, Incoming State Presidents shall meet with the newly elected Board immediately following the election of Members-at-Large to elect NFMC Officers. Following the election, the State Presidents will be excused.

G. Prior to the NFMC Convention, each state shall declare and submit to the Council of State Presidents the name of the individual who will represent their state at the National Federation of Music Clubs Banquet honoring State Presidents.


A. FIRST VICE PRESIDENT: At the request, or in the absence of the President, the First Vice President shall perform the duties of that office; shall be in charge of Senior Clubs’ extension; shall keep a record of any new clubs and notify the State President and respective District Directors; and shall encourage and promote the federating of all musical organizations in the state.

In the event of the President’s inability to serve, the First Vice President shall succeed at once to that office until the next regular election of officers; in the event the First Vice President is unable to serve, the Second or Third Vice President shall succeed to the Presidency in the order of their respective offices.

B. SECOND VICE PRESIDENT: The Second Vice President shall be in charge of the Student Division, serving as Student Advisor; shall be in charge of extension; and shall be responsible for the Student Division Program at the Annual Convention in conjunction with the President.

C. THIRD VICE PRESIDENT: The Third Vice President shall be in charge of the Junior Division; shall be in charge of extension of Juniors and Junior Clubs as Junior Counselor; shall outline the goals of the Junior Division; shall supervise and shall be responsible for the Junior Division Programs.

D. Each Vice President shall make a complete written report at the Annual Convention.


A.  RECORDING SECRETARY:  The Recording Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings of the VFMC Board of Directors, the Finance Committee and Executive Committee; shall maintain electronic copies of Minutes and within 6 weeks following meeting, send copies of Minutes to VFMC Web Site for publication, and mail copies to members without computers; be custodian of all records and reports of the Federation; shall call the Roll at all meetings of the Board of Directors; and shall send all Recording Secretary files and property of the VFMC to the succeeding Recording Secretary within thirty (30) days following the election.  Minutes of the Finance Committee Meeting shall be submitted to Finance Committee members only, within 6 weeks following meeting.

B. CORRESPONDING SECRETARY: The Corresponding Secretary shall conduct all general correspondence of the Federation, as designated by the President; issue notice of meetings; record each absence at the Board of Directors meetings; and read the names of members who submitted notification of absence.


The Treasurer shall have supervision of all funds of the VFMC and, together with the Assistant Treasurer, deposit it in the name of the VFMC in financial institutions approved by the VFMC Board of Directors.

A. Be bonded in an amount to be determined by the Board of Directors, the amount of fee to be paid by the Federation.

B. Collect dues and monies, and disburse such collections under the direction of the Board of Directors.

C. Send notice of dues on or before October 1.

D. Transmit to the National Treasurer the portion of dues collected from state organizations to which NFMC is entitled, by date required by NFMC.

E. Keep a correct enrollment of all clubs, organizations and members subject to dues.

F. Send statement to the President and the Chair of Finance.

G. Submit a financial statement at every business session of the VFMC and the Board of Directors.

H. Present a complete financial report at the Annual Convention and file a supplemental report at the end of the fiscal year.

I. Cause the Treasurer’s accounts to be audited biennially by a Certified Public Accountant unless otherwise ordered by the Board of Directors.

J. Supply a list of clubs in good standing to the President, Corresponding Secretary, and to each Vice President and District Director advising them when new clubs become members or when clubs resign.

K. Shall advise the Nominating Committee of Clubs qualified to have members nominated for office.

L. Shall serve as Convention Credentials Chair.

M. Shall, at the beginning of each fiscal year, advance to the President, the Recording Secretary, and the Corresponding Secretary the approved expense allotment for the coming year; shall pay to the NFMC Board member, NFMC Members-at-Large (if Applicable), and the NFMC Committee Chairs, the amount approved by the Board of Directors, following their attendance at the NFMC meeting during the fiscal year.

N. In election year, shall deliver, IF NECESSARY, to the succeeding Treasurer, within sixty (60) days following the close of the Annual Convention, all funds and documents pertaining to the office, with a complete financial report of every department certified by an accredited auditor (CPA) biennially.


A. The Assistant Treasurer shall have charge of Dues of Junior Club Counselors and Senior Individual members shall collect and deposit it in the name of VFMC in financial institutions approved by the VFMC Board of Directors.

B. The Assistant Treasurer shall be bonded in an amount to be determined by the Board of Directors, the amount of fee to be paid by the Federation.

C. The Assistant Treasurer shall file all NFMC Junior Club Counselor and Senior Individual Member reports by the date required by NFMC.

D. The Assistant Treasurer shall answer to the VFMC Board of Directors, and the VFMC Treasurer.


The Parliamentarian shall attend all meetings of the Board of Directors and all sessions of the annual Convention to interpret the Bylaws, to advise the presiding officer on points of parliamentary law, and to render an opinion to the Federation and Board of Directors whenever requested. The Parliamentarian is denied the privilege of voting, except when the voting is by ballot.


A.  The Finance Chair shall chair the Finance Committee and is a member of the Board of Directors.

B.  The Finance Committee shall consist of the Treasurer, all Past Presidents of VFMC, Chairs of Founders Day, Insignia, Memorial and Recognition, Past Presidents Assembly, three members appointed by the President from the Board of Directors and (ex officio) the President, First Vice President, Parliamentarian, and Recording Secretary.

C.  The Committee shall meet twice annually, once prior to the Annual Convention and again, at the Call of the President, prior to December 1.  

D.  The Committee shall have general supervision of all monies and investments of the VFMC; shall recommend monetary allotments for honorariums, i.e. guest fees; and shall recommend dues, fees, and submit an Annual Budget at the Annual Convention for approval by the Board of Directors.  Five (5) members of the Finance Committee, exclusive of Past Presidents, shall constitute a quorum.


A.  The Board of Directors shall manage the affairs and funds of the VFMC subject to the terms of these bylaws.  The Board of Directors must approve the request for expenditure of any funds.

B.  The Board of Directors shall have the power to establish standing rules and repeal same by a two thirds vote of those present and voting, or suspend same by majority vote.

C.  Members of the Board unable to attend a Board of Directors meeting must notify the Corresponding Secretary of their impending absence and include their report with the notification.

D.  All Department and Standing Committees shall operate under the direction of the Board of Directors.


All officers, District Directors, Chairs of Departments, Standing and Special Committees shall turn over their files to their successors within one month following elections.