Article VII - Nominations and Elections


At the fall meeting of the Virginia Federation of Music Clubs (VFMC) Board of Directors in the even-numbered years, the Board of Directors shall elect a Chair of the Nominating Committee and one other member from the Board. These two members plus one member elected by each District shall constitute the Nominating committee.


The Nominating Committee shall prepare a slate proposing one name for each elective office and report to the President at least two months prior to the Annual Convention. The report of the Nominating Committee shall be mailed/emailed to the voting membership six weeks prior to the Annual Convention.


The Chair of the Nominating Committee shall present the slate of proposed officers to the voting body at the Annual Convention of the VFMC, after which the presiding officer shall call for nominations from the floor. Prior consent must have been obtained from floor nominees.


Elections shall be by ballot. If there is only one candidate for each office, election may be by acclamation. A majority vote of eligible voters present shall constitute an election.


The Executive Committee shall fill vacancies in office until such time as elections are held, except in the case of the President, in which case the First Vice President shall succeed at once to the Presidency and serve until the next regular election.


The duties of officers shall begin with the adjournment of the Annual Convention at which they are elected and installed.