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...where words fail, music speaks
— Hans Christian Andersen

This website lists a variety of competitive performance opportunities for musicians of all ages.  VFMC Competitions & Awards are those sponsored by the VFMC (Virginia Federation of Music Clubs).  NFMC Competitions & Awards are those promoted by the VFMC but sponsored by the NFMC (National Federation of Music Clubs).  

For more complete information about VFMC Competitions, click here.  You may also download the VFMC Competitions & Awards Chart (coming soon) detailing all the offerings of the VFMC.

For more complete information about NFMC Competitions, refer to the NFMC website (click here).  To navigate the NFMC site from the home page, select Competitions and Awards followed by the appropriate category in the drop-down menu.  Scroll down to find the competition in which you are interested.  All forms download for free; no user name or password is required. You may also download the NFMC Competitions & Awards Chart detailing the many offerings of the NFMC.

Welcome to the Virginia Federation of Music Clubs.  In 1920, just 32 years after the National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC) was founded, representatives from the Virginia State Teachers Association and numerous State Music Clubs came together and took the initial steps in becoming a state organization under the NFMC.  Since that historic gathering, the Virginia Federation of Music Clubs (VFMC) has become a “Star State” within the NFMC. At its inception, the VFMC adopted the objectives established by the NFMC – to promote creative and performing arts in America and to find and foster young musical talent.  To this end the VFMC has remained committed to developing high musical standards that promote the advancement of music and the arts, encouraging music education within our communities, and promoting American music and musicians.
The VFMC’s structure is parallel to that of the NFMC with Junior (under age 19), Student/Collegiate (ages 19-25) and Senior (Adult) classifications.  Opportunities for VFMC junior members abound and include festival participation, involvement in active junior clubs, and eligibility for scholarship competitions.  While the majority of VFMC Competitions are designed for Juniors, only one is available for Students/Collegiate members (the VFMC Biennial Auditions - Preliminaries for the NFMC Student Auditions) and one for Senior members (the VFMC Nancy Hoback Milne Recognition Award). The 7 competitions and awards for juniors include the Mary Smart Scholarship Competition, the Margaret Hunt Vocal Scholarship Competition, the VFMC Junior Composers Contest, the Virginia Auditions for the NFMC Stillman Kelley/Thelma Byrum Competition (Preliminaries), the VFMC Music for the Visually Impaired Performance Competition, VFMC Dance Award, and the Achievement Book Awards for junior clubs.
VFMC members are also eligible to compete in the many NFMC competitions within their respective Junior, Student/Collegiate, and Senior classifications.  Overall, the NFMC offers more than three quarters of a million dollars in state and national competitions every two years.   Of particular note are the four $20,000 biennial Young Artist Awards, and the $20,000 Ellis Award for Duo-Pianists.  In addition to the monetary prizes for these awards, two years of performance bookings are included to help launch the musical careers of the winners.
The VFMC has brought musical opportunities for musicians and music lovers, young and old, to communities throughout the state of Virginia.  Our state consistently ranks at the top in festival participation and performance, junior composer awards, junior club activities, and awards presented to our members by the NFMC.  Over the years, many of our members have served the NFMC as committee chairs, division leaders, elected and appointed officers, and board members.  To those who are already a part of this wonderful organization, I thank you for your service.  To those of you considering membership, I encourage you to get involved through your local music club and contact us about participation at the state level.  It is gratifying to see the impact of musical opportunities within our state and be part of the effort to expand these opportunities within our local communities.

Site is current as of October 24th, 2018