Optional Liability Insurance for
VFMC Senior Clubs and VA Festivals

 VFMC Senior Clubs and VA festivals may purchase Liability Insurance through the NFMC.  It is affordable coverage and easy to purchase throughout the year.  Keep in mind that, if you do not purchase liability insurance for an event, you may NOT indicate anywhere on the program or in the publicity that the event is AFFILIATED with NFMC or VFMC. This will prevent the possibility of lawsuits against NFMC or VFMC for injuries that could occur at your uncovered event. Contact the VFMC Insurance Chair, Cynthia Elmore for more information and to obtain coverage.

Liability Insurance Request Form

Child Protection Policy



 ·        Liability Insurance is offered for the following Federated events

o   Senior Club meetings, Festivals, Contests, Jr Club meetings/Jr Counselor/Teacher recitals, programs, Mission/Charity type events such as presenting music/singing at Sr Citizen homes

·        General Liability Coverage

o   Protects all above for bodily injury or property damage caused during a sponsored event to a 3rd party.

·        Auto Liability Coverage

o   The hired non owned auto coverage protects for liability above the individuals personal auto policy. Their policy is primary this is secondary insurance protecting the organization(s) if the individual limits are breached.

Does Not Cover:

 ·        Damages to musical instruments

·        Theft of musical instruments

 Insurance Policy Summary (Each Occurrence)

 ·        Commercial General Liability ($1,000,000)

·        Automobile Liability ($1,000,000)

·        Umbrella Liability ($1,000,000)

·        Workers Compensation & Employer Liability ($500,000)


 ·        $17 for each single day event

·        $20 for event with consecutive days

·        Add $1 to all events submitted after the deadline                                                                                      

It costs you ONLY $1 MORE per event past the deadline.



 ·        Requests for coverage due by December 1 – For events January 1 – August 31

·        Requests for coverage due by August 15 – For events September 1 – December 31


One Event:

·        One Event is one continuous meeting/program/recital/contest/festival that may occur over more than one day (such as a Sr Club Festival over Saturday & Sunday or a convention from Thursday through Saturday.) If an event has a break of a day, it is not continuous, such as a meeting on Thursday, then the next meeting of the same group on Saturday.

·        One Event occurs at the same location.


VFMC Insurance Chair
Cynthia Elmore
9514 Eredine Way
Bristow VA  20136