Article XI - Past Presidents Assembly


There shall be a Past Presidents Assembly (PPA), which shall be under the direction and control of the NFMC and shall operate under its laws. The main objective of the PPA shall be to provide funds for awards for the Young Artist Auditions.


A. To be eligible for membership in the PPA, a person must be a Past President of the NFMC, a State Federation, a National Associate organization, a District Director or any Senior, Student or Junior Organization holding membership in both the State and National Federations.

B. Dues for membership in the PPA shall be as determined by the NFMC and the State Board of Directors, and shall be paid to the State Treasurer.


The Chair of the PPA shall serve on the Finance Committee, and be a member of the Board of Directors.


Chapters of the PPA may be organized in a state, a district, or a local club. Ten or more members in good standing shall be required for the organization of a state chapter of the PPA; five or more for a district chapter; and three or more for a local chapter. A charter shall be issued by the Chair of the PPA when a group meets these requirements and agrees to make annual contributions to the National Young Artist Award Fund in addition to the dues as provided above, and pays the chapter fee as designated by NFMC and the State Board of Directors.