Memorial & Recognition Fund

Dear Club Presidents and Members of the Virginia Federation of Music Clubs:

As we approach the end of the fiscal year, this is a good time to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to their music clubs during the past year, or to memorialize members who recently passed away and contributed immeasurably to the advancement of music in their communities throughout their lives.  The VFMC has a Memorial and Recognition Fund Program at the State level that allows organizations or individuals to honor these contributors in a very special way.  The program involves a donation of $25 or more to the VFMC in the name of the honoree.  These donations are collectively applied to state level contests and scholarship competitions designed to encourage education, composition, and performance of music.  There is no better way to recognize or memorialize our dedicated members and other contributors than by giving support in their names to the efforts of the Virginia Federation of Music Clubs to promote music and sustain music education in our State.

The process is very simple.  The person or organization making the gift in the name of the honoree completes the MRF-VA Form and submits it to me, the Memorial and Recognition Fund Chair, with a check payable to VFMC.  The gift check will be forwarded to the VFMC Treasurer.  The name of the honoree and the donor will be entered into the VFMC Book of Memorials and Recognitions as a permanent record of the gift.  Gifts of $25 or more will be listed in the Official Program of the VFMC Annual Convention.  

This program is a State Level Program, different than and separate from the NFMC Memorial and Recognition Fund, in which donations go to the Fund for the Advancement of Musical Arts at NFMC. For more information on the NFMC Program, find Form (Finance Division) FI 4-1 on the NFMC site or contact Ms. Susan Tury, NFMC Memorial and Recognition Chair.  

Forms and instructions for the VFMC Memorial and Recognition Fund are attached below.  Please contact me if you have any questions about the Memorial and Recognition Fund.


Paul Brady
Chair, Memorial and Recognition Fund
Virginia Federation of Music Clubs

VFMC Memorial and Recognition Form (MRF-VA)

Instructions for VFMC Memorial and Recognition Form