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VFMC Competitions & Awards

The VFMC Competitions & Awards are those sponsored by the VFMC (Virginia Federation of Music Clubs).  They are arranged by age classifications as follows:  Junior (under age 19), Student/Collegiate (ages 19-25), and Senior (age 19 and above).  Some are stand-alone competitions while others are preliminary VFMC competitions associated with particular NFMC competitions.  Some provide monetary awards while others provide recognition for outstanding achievement. Each names a VFMC Chair who promotes the award and can further assist when needed.

All information, including eligibility possibilities for those not already members, can be found by clicking on the desired competition as listed below.  Once on the selected competition’s page remember to click on the green colored links for additional important information as indicated.  For further questions or concerns you can email the appropriate VFMC chair by clicking on their name in the listing below.