VFMC Stillman Kelley/Thelma Byrum Auditions
(Preliminaries for NFMC Stillman Kelley/Thelma Byrum Auditions)


Junior Performance Awards: Piano & Instrumental


Applicants must apply for this award on the State level (VFMC) not at the National level (NFMC).  First, second, and third place winners are chosen and awarded.  The VFMC then may send ONE entry on to the NFMC National competition. 


1)  Must not have reached 19th birthday by March 1
2)  Native or naturalized citizen
3)  Member of NFMC or enclose $13 check with application for Individual Membership (see rules)

Entry fee


VFMC Awards

First place - $250
Second place - $175
Third place - $150

Deadline for applications

February 1

Students may download the application form by clicking here (JR 13-2 PDF) and rules by clicking here (JR 13-1 PDF). These are also available on the NFMC website at publications/junior division/instrumental/form #.

Must include three completed application forms (JR 13-2), three DVD’s of the performance, and three copies of repertoire list performed.

VFMC Chair

Nancy Turner
7305 Longview Drive
Kenbridge, VA 23944

Winners of the National (NFMC) awards are selected from the 1st place winners of each state.  The awards are as follows:

Stillman Kelley:  first place is $1250, second place is $750, third place is $500
Thelma Byrum:  five awards at $250 each

National (NFMC) Chair: Nathalie Steinbach