VFMC Nancy Hoback Milne Citation


Senior: VFMC Members


Each year, VFMC members are asked to nominate a deserving individual from the district in which the upcoming spring convention is held. 

They are asked to write a concise and creative essay about that individual and state his/her overall qualifications along with any pertinent information as it relates to consideration for this award.  The nominee’s involvement on the Local, State, District and National levels should be taken into consideration along with any background information, personal attributes, activities, etc. that distinguish the candidate and deem him/her worthy of consideration.


ALL SENIOR CLUB MEMBERS (chosen from the District hosting the present year VFMC Convention)

Entry fee


VFMC Awards

Nancy Hoback Milne Medallion & Framed Certificate

Deadline for applications

May 1, 2020

Submit nominations and essays by email to VFMC Chair.

In addition to the essay, please provide the following nomination information:

  • Name of Nominee

  • Club/Person making nomination

  • Telephone/email

  • District

VFMC Chair