Senior Club Reports (NFMC)

New Senior Club Report Chart

Explanation for Senior Club Presidents & VFMC REPORTING Chairs

Each year, Senior Club Presidents are asked to submit reports about their clubs to track the kinds of activities and events that go on throughout the State of Virginia. Those who submit their reports to the appropriate VFMC chairs by the due dates receive certificate awards which are presented during the Awards Luncheon at the Spring Convention each year. The VFMC Chairs evaluate the reports, request certificates, and send further reports to the NFMC.

Besides certificate awards, the NFMC offers monetary awards for several report areas. These are indicated on the NFMC Annual Club and Institutional Awards Form found on page 12-13 of the NFMC Competitions & Awards Chart. (Click title to download the chart in PDF form.)

Senior Club President Instructions

1. Choose the club report forms you feel are relevant to your club’s activities. Refer to the Senior Club Report List below to help make this determination.

2. Download and copy relevant report forms. All report forms can be found on the NFMC website. (From the home page click Publications on the left, select the desired Division, and scroll down to the desired Form. Click “Download PDF” and print the form from your machine. There is no charge to print forms yourself.)

3. Complete the forms and gather your documentation.

4. Send reports along with requested documentation by the due date (April 1 for most) to the appropriate chair (addresses found in Directory).

Follow up if you don’t hear back from the chair by calling to make sure your reports were received.

VFMC REPORTING Chair Instructions

1. In the fall, communicate with the Senior Club Presidents about your particular area of chairmanship. Encourage activities in this area and inform them about the location of the forms and the upcoming due dates.

2. Immediately after the due dates, gather together all the reports you have received from the Senior Club Presidents. Evaluate them and determine the appropriate certificate awards to be presented at the awards luncheon. (You may choose one Outstanding Award of Merit and up to five Awards of Merit.)

3. Please remember to send a reply to the Senior Club President when you receive a report. You might want to acknowledge the Senior Clubs who sent reports by replying with a note of recognition making special note of outstanding effort.

4. Finish the process with the VFMC and the NFMC as indicated below.


• Complete the VFMC Certificate Request form indicating your chosen winners. Be sure to include your name and area of chairmanship.

• Submit the VFMC Certificate Request form by the due date. The VFMC Calligrapher, Elin Havrilla, will create the award certificates and bring them to the convention.


• Find the state report form for your area of chairmanship on the NFMC website. (From the home page click Publications on the left, select desired Division, and scroll down to desired Form. Click “Download PDF” and print from your local machine. There is no charge to print forms yourself.)

• Each area of chairmanship in the NFMC has its own rules. Look for instructions for the State Chairs and follow them. Some areas have a State Chair form while others simply give the state chairs instructions on the bottom of the Club Report Form. Some want you to submit all the entries you received while others do not want them unless they are exceptional. Just read the instructions for State Chairs and go from there.

• Follow the instructions given for the NFMC forms and send by the due date listed. The chairs from the NFMC will send certificates for things submitted to them.

• Remember that some of the areas have monetary awards connected to them. Some of the clubs may be hoping to receive a monetary award for their efforts. Please keep this is mind when deciding whether or not to submit to the NFMC.

Please access the complete Senior Club Report Chart by clicking here.