VFMC Biennial Student Auditions
(Preliminaries for NFMC Student/Collegiate Auditions)



Student/Collegiate: Instrumental and Vocal Performance

This poster provides an overview of Student/Collegiate Auditions

Applicants for the NFMC Student/Collegiate Biennial Competition must participate at the state level first. The VA competition will be held via recordings submitted through the NFMC portal. MP3 files are preferred. NO VIDEO SUBMISSIONS PLEASE. Applications are due by February 1, 2019. Recordings must be uploaded to the NFMC website no later than February 15, 2019.


19 – 25 (Applicants must have reached the 19th but not the 26th birthday by the application deadline, February 1, of the audition year).

Entry fee


VFMC Awards

A first-place winner will be chosen in each of four categories, with an award of $100. In the event of financial shortfalls, advertised award amounts may be adjusted. All first-place winners will compete at the National Level. All students with the highest score for their instruments will compete at the National Level.

Deadline for applications


February 1, 2019


To submit your application and repertoire list:

  • Go to the NFMC website: www.nfmc-music.org

  • Click on “File Upload” button on the left side of the front page

  • Choose “Competitions & Awards Entrant”

  • Select “Student Collegiate Division - The NFMC Student/Collegiate Auditions Award”

  • Select “Virginia” as your federated state

  • Submit your personal information

  • Submit as PDF files your completed application (ST 1-1) and repertoire list

To submit payment*:

  • Return to the NFMC home page and click on “Online Payment” from the menu

  • From “Plans” choose “Competition Entry Fees”

  • At the “Note” section, type “$30 application fee for VFMC Student/Collegiate Auditions”

  • At the “Unit Cost” section, type “30.00”

  • At the “Quantity” box, choose “1”

  • “Payment” amount should show as “30”

  • Submit billing information

*If you are not a member of NFMC, or if you do not attend a school that is an Organizational Member, you must become a Student member of NFMC by paying the membership fee on this same page. This transaction will be separate from your application fee submissions.

  • From “Plans” choose “Student/Collegiate Individual Membership”

  • At the “Quantity” box, choose “1”

  • “Unit Cost” should appear as “16.00”

  • “Payment Amount” should appear as “16”

  • Submit billing information

Once a student has submitted the application, repertoire list and payment, their repertoire will be reviewed by the chairperson and instructions will be sent on how to upload the audio file on the NFMC website. Recordings must be uploaded to the NFMC website no later than February 15, 2019. 

VFMC Chair

Dr. Liana Valente
2121 Jamieson Avenue, Unit 709
Alexandria, VA 22314

National (NFMC) Chair:  Connie Randall