VFMC Junior Composer Contest


Junior: Composition


Applicants must apply for this contest at the State level (VFMC) not at the National level (NFMC).  Winners are chosen and awarded.  1st and 2nd place winners in each entry level advance on to Regionals.


Applicant must be:

  1. under the age of 19 on March 1 of the contest year

  2. be a native citizen of the United States or have received naturalization papers

  3. be a member of NFMC either as a member of a Junior Club or as a Junior Special Member

Entry fee

$25 - includes national, state, and gold cup fees

VFMC Awards

ENTRY CLASS:  (based on age as of March 1of contest year)

  • Junior I (age 9 & under) 1st place: $175; 2nd place: $150; 3rd place: $125

  • Junior II (ages 10-12) 1st place: $175; 2nd place: $150; 3rd place: $125

  • Junior III (ages 13-15) 1st place: $225; 2nd place: $200; 3rd place: $175

  • Junior IV (ages 16-18) 1st place: $250; 2nd place: $225; 3rd place: $200

In addition, three Incentive Awards of $75 each will be given in each class.

Deadline for applications

January 19, 2019

Students and teachers may download more detailed information and applications below in PDF form.

VA JR 7-1  Junior Composer Rules

VA JR7-2 Junior Composer application

VA JR 7-3 Junior Composer Judges Rating Sheet

VFMC Chair

Nathalie Steinbach
15 Mount Vernon Avenue
Fredericksburg, VA 22405

Other pertinent information:   

  • The manuscript must be computer generated or hand notated on manuscript paper.

  • CDs are required for all compositions in all levels.

  • Gold Cups: Although the Junior Composers Contest is no longer a part of festival, students may work towards Federation Cups in the same manner as entrants in festival.