Student/Collegiate Competitions & Awards - Chairs

This page includes a listing of all the Competitions and Awards (NFMC and VFMC) available for Students/Collegiates, organized by category.  For more information and forms on VFMC Competitions and Awards, click on the competition name.  For more information and forms on NFMC Competitions and Awards, go to the NFMC web site.

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VFMC Competitions & Awards CHAIRS

Composition –
Nathalie Steinbach

NFMC Lynn Freeman Olson Composition Award (Keyboard)

NFMC Student/Collegiate Composition Awards


Disabled & Visually Impaired –
Cynthia Steinbach

NFMC Hinda Honigman Award for the Blind (age 16-25)


Instrumental and Vocal Performance
Dr. Liana Valente

VFMC Biennial Student Auditions (Preliminaries for the NFMC Student/Collegiate Auditions)

NFMC Carolyn Nelson Double Reed Award

NFMC Ernest A Bluhm Flute Award

NFMC Elizabeth Paris French Horn Award

NFMC Oscar Valentin Award (Violin)

NFMC Herman and Mary Neumnan Scholarship (Voice/Strings)

NFMC Student/Collegiate Auditions (Biennial) (All Instruments & Voice)


Music Education
Dr. Liana Valente

NFMC Gretchen Van Roy Music Educators Award

NFMC Myrtle Mehan/Hazel Morgan Music Education Scholarship


Music Therapy
Dr. Liana Valente

NFMC Irma Carey-Wilson Music Therapy Scholarship

NFMC Dorothy Dann Bullock Music Therapy Scholarship

NFMC Ruth B. Robertson Music Therapy Scholarship


Dr. Liana Valente

NFMC Lynn Freeman Olson Award in Piano Pedagogy


Sacred Music –
Brenda Hayth

NFMC Elizabeth Greiger Wiegand Sacred Music Award (Choral Conducting, Piano, Organ, and Voice)


Vocal Accompanying –
Marilynne Jost

NFMC Virginia Allison Collaborative Award (Ages 20-31)

NFMC Competitions & Awards

The NFMC competitions are open to all members of the Virginia Federation of Music Clubs which includes all members of the VFMC Senior Clubs across the state.  To download the NFMC Competitions & Awards Chart for 2018- 2019 detailing the many offerings of the NFMC, click here.  Additional information and forms are available on the NFMC website.  Once on the home page, select Competitions and Awards, followed by the appropriate category in the drop-down menu.  Scroll down to find the competition in which you are interested.  All forms download for free; no user name or password is required.