Junior Competitions & Awards - Chairs

This page includes a listing of all the Competitions and Awards (VFMC and NFMC) available for Juniors, organized by category. For more information and forms on VFMC Competitions and Awards, click on the competition name.  For more information and forms on NFMC Competitions and Awards, go to the NFMC web site.

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VFMC Competitions & Awards CHAIRS

Pedro Szalay

NFMC Dance Award (Jazz, Lyrical or Tap)

NFMC Thelma A. Robinson Ballet Award


Junior Club Achievement Books
Martha Windley

VFMC Junior Club Achievement Book Award


Junior Composition
Nathalie Steinbach

Virginia Junior Composition Cups - Elin Havrilla

NFMC Oscar Valentin Regional Awards

NFMC Lynn Freeman Olson Composition Awards

NFMC Junior Composers Contest

VFMC Junior Composer Contest


Music for the Disabled and Visually Impaired
Cynthia Steinbach

VFMC Music for the Visually Impaired Performance Award

NFMC Joyce Walsh Junior Awards for the Handicapped

NFMC Music for the Blind Composition Award

NFMC Music for the Blind Performance Awards

NFMC Benzinger/Valentin Music for the Blind Performance Award


National Music Week Essay Contest
Judy Caudill


Vocal (Opera for the Youth) 
Jean Frazier

VFMC Margaret Hunt Vocal Scholarship Award - Debora Madsen

NFMC Martha Marcks Mack Junior Vocal Award - Jean Frazier


Performance Awards: Piano & Instrumental

Virginia Auditions of NFMC Stillman Kelley/Thelma Byrum Awards - Nancy Turner

NFMC Stillman Kelley/Thelma Byrum Awards - Nathalie Steinbach


Performance Awards: Piano Solo/Concerto
Nathalie Steinbach

NFMC Lana M. Bailey Piano Concerto Award

NFMC Marilyn Caldwell Piano Award

NFMC Claire Ulrich Whitehurst Piano Award


Performance Awards: Strings
Nathalie Steinbach

NFMC Mary Alice Cox Award

NFMC Wendell Irish Viola Award


Linda Thomason

NFMC Angie Greer Music in Poetry Award


VFMC Mary Smart Competition
Lisa Thomas

VFMC Mary Smart Preliminaries – Coordinators

District I: Tanya Graybeal

District II: Marcia Chaplin

District III: Myrna Brinkley


NFMC Competitions & Awards

The NFMC competitions are open to all members of the Virginia Federation of Music Clubs which includes all members of the VFMC Senior Clubs across the state.  To download the NFMC Competitions & Awards Chart for 2018- 2019 detailing the many offerings of the NFMC, click here.  Additional information and forms are available on the NFMC website.  Once on the home page, select Competitions and Awards, followed by the appropriate category in the drop-down menu.  Scroll down to find the competition in which you are interested.  All forms download for free; no user name or password is required.